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Due to recent price increases from our raw flavor suppliers and recent legislation passed in certain states, we have had to regrettably raise our prices by $.50. We will continue to work with our US suppliers to bring you the lowest prices possible and refusing to purchase inferior oils. We will continue to buy the best oils in the US market and pass that quality on to our customers !

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How did we come up with our name?

We came up with the name Bootleg Vapors as we support and enjoys auto racing. For those of you who might not know this, but auto racing as we know today was actually started by Bootleggers who were racing each other in their Stock Ford or Chevy V8's and Handcrafted them into their souped up cars after The Prohibition. This later created what we now know as
NASCAR and who does not love NASCAR and the smell of High Octane Vapors !!

Our Company:

In early 2011 Bootleg Vapors was started by a retired Surgical Assistant , Mr,Terry Wadowski who also holds a Degree in Associates in Applied Science. Not many companies have their own Medical Professional as the owner or Alchemist. Mr Wadowski founded the company on the simplest Mission Statement which is "Sell The Highest Quality E Liquids and at the lowest pricing possible to be crafted by hand for freshness and only in the USA with USA ingredients for amazing flavors." We use the highest ratio of flavors and oils than any of our competitors at over 20% !!. We also have our E liquids tested regularly to make sure they keep up with our strict quality standards! We are able to bring you these wholesale prices by working with our US Ingredient Manufacturers and pass the saving onto you without having to sacrifice quality or flavor. You no longer need to pay higher costs from other stores. You can purchase with confidence from Bootleg Vapors your home to Premium E Liquids for Less !!

All of our products are handcrafted
with 100% High Quality US Made Ingredients that are 100% Pure USP Kosher Pharmaceutical grade. Our liquids are not made beforehand from large batches that not only limit the amount of flavors you can make available, but it really cannot be custom blended to the way you want it from the PG/VG Ratio to if it has sweeter in it or not.

BOOTLEG VAPORS FOLLOWS THE FDA CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) in Manufacturing, Packaging, and Labeling of E-Liquid Products

Bootleg Vapors complies with FDA labeling laws and we
do this voluntarily we also use poly-bags before shipping to ensure the safety of the Postal Carriers.

Should you have any questions you can reach us at our Customer Care Line at 586-558-4525

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